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Family Science Saturdays

Come to the Tinkering Studio on Saturdays to participate in hands-on activities that allow for minds of all ages to be creative and innovative in a variety of topics.  From catapults to rockets, families are welcome to join in our Saturday tinkering with new topics each month!  Family Science Saturday activities are free with admission into the Science Center.


NEW! The Tinkerers' Club

Join us for the Tinkerers’ Club on Saturdays in the Tinkering Studio! Dream it, create it, and take it home! Open to Tinkerers of all ages (with an accompanying adult). 

You can find more about the Tinkerers’ Club here!


March 7: Percussion

March to the beat of a different drum as we explore percussion instruments. Create shakers and "rainsticks" as well as exploring how different sizes and materials affect sound.

March 14: Woodwinds

Come be part of the band as we create the world's most annoying instrument, The Kazoo! Help us in wishing Albert Einstein a very happy birthday on this very special Pi Day, 3.14.15.

March 21: Drum Line Time!

Get moving and shaking with your own handmade twirling drum.

March 28: JOIN THE BAND!

We're bringing back the best of our March Music activities for a "best-of" day of sound exploration and play! Don't miss out, it's sure to be a rockin' good time!



April 4: Elephant Toothpaste and Milk Paint

Tinkerers will explore exothermic reactions with "elephant toothpaste"; plus use food coloring, dish soap, and milk to create abstract paintings.

April 18: Think Green!

Using string, recycled paper and other organic materials, Tinkerers will create their very own paper.

April 25: Coded Messages

Use household items like baking soda and cranberry juice to make disappearing ink! Write a secret message and watch it disappear.



May 2: Sculpture and Weaving

Tinkerers can design base structures with recycled materials, use papier mâché (chewed paper) to create smooth forms that can be painted and decorated or make woven forms known as the Ojo de Dios (God's Eye) with string, twine and twigs.

May 9: Fast Zooming Skills!

Put your building skills to the test as you construct a marble roller coaster on the Tinkering Studio's giant peg-board walls! You can connect tubes, blocks, pipes and more to make roller coasters that are fast-moving, twisty or loop-di-loops!

May 16: Automata's

Can you design a simple machine that can go UP and DOWN, Round and Round or a combination of the two? Use recycled materials and explore cams and levers to design you very own simple machine.

May 23: What Are Illusions?

Explore optical illusions, and conduct and make your own Stroop tests. Try to name the colors (not the word) as fast as you can...YELLOW GREEN PURPLE BLUE!

May 30: Slime Time!

Explore the chemistry of goo! Make your very own slime to take home and gross out parents and friends.