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Challenger Missions for Scouts and Community Organizations


Now scouts can experience the thrill of being an astronaut while fostering teamwork skills with fellow scouts! Inside the Challenger Learning Center, groups become crew members on an exciting simulated space mission using a realistic mock-up of a Mission Control Center and Space Station. Please note, the badge is not supplied as part of this workshop.


Challenger missions are appropriate for ages 8 and up. A minimum of 16 participants is required to effectively run a mission. The maximum number of participants is 32. We encourage partnering with other groups if you cannot meet the minimum. Please note one adult chaperone is required per 8 scouts.


Workshop missions can be booked for Saturdays or Sundays. Programs should be booked at least one month in advance. Please have two dates in mind when you call. Scouts are encouraged to bring a snack!


$20 per scout

To register, call Client Services at (619) 238-1233, ext. 806.
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Program Descriptions


Grades 3-4
1.5 hours


Join our Flight Directors for a unique mission simulation. Each Micronauts program includes a 40 minute Mini Discovery Mission and a 40 minute Extra "Venue" Activity that addresses the themes of physical science and technology. On each Mini Discovery Mission, young astronauts are part of an elite team of scientists, engineers & mathematicians on the International Space Station. Traveling 230 miles above the Earth's surface, they conduct up to 10 different hands-on activities including:

  • Testing the insulating properties of materials
  • Classifying rocks
  • Investigating objects under a microscope
  • Exploring the planets in our solar system
  • Measuring mass and volume & identify solids and liquids
  • Learning how the sun’s energy powers the ISS
  • Investigating sound waves
  • Making predictions about magnetism
  • Sorting and identifying types of rocks
  • Exploring the visible light spectrum

Book your mission today and explore the wonders of our universe!

Return to the Moon

Grades 5 and up
2 hours

The year is 2020, and for the first time since Apollo 17 in 1972, your crew of astronauts is traveling to the Moon. Their goals are to establish a permanent base to make further lunar observations, study the feasibility of creating a self-sustaining lunar settlement, and serve as a stepping stone for future manned planetary exploration. Navigating their way into lunar orbit, your group will:

  • Launch a probe to deliver equipment to the Moon’s surface
  • Analyze data to select a landing site for the S.S Phoenix Spacecraft
  • Calculate the thrust needed to leave Earth’s orbit and enter lunar orbit
  • Understand the gravitational attraction of the Moon to Earth
  • Conduct investigations and make observations using scientific tools
  • Understand lunar topography

Book your mission today and learn more about the mysteries of Earth's closest neighbor.

Voyage to Mars

Grades 5 and up
2 hours

Voyage to Mars in the year 2076 to replace a crew working at Chryse Station – a permanent research base on the Martian surface. In addition to continuing research of the exciting planet, students calculate trajectories for entering and exiting Martian orbit and launch two probes to the Martian moons of Phobos and Deimos. During the course of their mission students will view stunning video images of some of the more famous geographic features of Mars. Students will also:

  • Weigh components needed to build a probe and calculate its mass
  • Record the vital signs of other astronauts on board the space craft
  • Determine the nutritional value of foods available on the space craft
  • Explore the planetary geology of Mars and its fascinating features
  • Understand theories of the existence on the Martian moons
  • Compare and contrast the location of Earth and Mars

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Youth Groups & Community Organizations

Youth groups and community organizations can also experience the thrill of space flight in the Nierman Challenger Learning Center. Missions are 2 hours in length and cost $395 per mission. There is a minimum of 16 participants and a maximum of 36. One adult chaperone is required per 8 scouts. Programs should be booked at least one month in advance. Please have two possible dates in mind when you call.