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Fall Camps

Grades 1-3

Topics and dates for our Fall 2019 camps coming soon!

Looking for something exciting, fun and educational this fall break? Students in Grades 1–3 can enjoy a variety of fun, educational, hands-on activities in our full-day science camp. Sign up for a single day or enroll for multiple days! Topics vary each year but check out the list below for previous topics!

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Astronomy Adventures

Use models to uncover the differences between the planets and replicate some of the tools that scientists use to understand the mysteries of our solar system.

Mars Explorer

Build a Mars rover and create a Mars city while learning about the history of space exploration to Mars and determine how we might one day live on the red planet.

Rocket Science 

Get ready for some high-flying fun! Spend the day discovering the principles of flight by building gliders and designing your own rocket that will be launched into the air.