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10:00am to 5:00pm

How to Apply

To get started simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Application.

Fill out our online application:

  • For Teen Volunteers 15-17 years old
  • For Adult Volunteers 18 years or older
  • For Camp Counselors This is a year round program- Please note- Summer 2016 spots are now filled.  We are taking applications for winter camps.
  • Internship Program (only open to High School Students) This program is coming soon, stay tuned!
  • Group Volunteers (Service Clubs, Community Organizations, Corporate Volunteers etc.)

Please note that if you are under the age of 18, you will be asked to submit two letters of reference and a parental consent form before being invited to an interview.  

If you are 18 or over, you will be asked to submit a background check, all expenses covered by the Fleet. 


Step 2:  Group Interview.

We will review your application. If there appears to be a match between your interests/skills, availability and our open positions, we will contact you for further information and/or invite you to sign up for an interview.  The interview is an opportunity for you to learn about the impact volunteers make at the Fleet and decide if this is a place you want to invest your time in!  Come presentable and ready to participate in this interactive interview.  Please do not show up to an interview without signing up.  If there are no spots available, please sign up for the next month. 

Step 3: New Staff Orientation.

The successful interview candidates will be invited to attend a Staff Orientation.  This is an orientation for new volunteers and Fleet employees!  Here you will learn more about the Fleet, meet many of our staff members and learn about how to get started in your new volunteer role.   

Step 4: Background Check.

You must have a satisfactory record with no history of violent or sexual crimes or theft.

  • We complete a thorough background check on all employees, volunteers and interns who are 18 years or older. This check includes county, state and federal criminal records and databases, as well as sexual offender registries.

Step 5: Mentorship 

Your first three shifts will be with a volunteer mentor!  We ask that volunteers complete these three shifts within 30 days.  

*Camp Counselors do not participate in the Mentorship Program unless they choose to volunteer in another capacity at the Fleet. 

Step 6: Volunteer!

Have you completed all the above steps?  Now you are ready to start volunteering!  

Let us know what days and shifts work for you to have a weekly set schedule or set your own schedule as you go.  

*In order to make the most of your time at the Fleet you need to dedicate enough time to your role.  We ask for a minimum commitment of 80 hours a year.  Volunteer when you want, take a break when you need!  Volunteers with no service within a three month period lose their spot though, so make sure you are consistent.  If you do not think you have the time to volunteer regularly, please reconsider applying to this program.    

*All volunteers start as a Museum Ambassador.  Once the mentorship is completed (three shifts) you are able to cross train to another department or continue as a Museum Ambassador!  The Museum Ambassador role offers a continued orientation to the Fleet that will empower volunteers to succeed in other roles.  Camp counselors are excluded from this, unless they cross train to a floor position.