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Spring Camps

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Grades 1–3

Join STEAM Spring Camps at the Fleet where new adventures await! Each day of camp will incorporate important skills using science, technology, engineering, art and math. Campers will explore the museum’s exhibit galleries and engage in hands-on activities. Sign up for individual days or the whole week!

March 30: In the Ocean
Explore the big blue ocean, including water chemistry, boat building and more. Campers will investigate the depths of the sea and dive into a Pacific Gyre challenge!

March 31: Up in the Air
Up, up and away! This camp will lift you off your feet, get you fascinated about flying objects and the weather from above.

April 1: Thinking Green
Experiment with green energies, make dazzling things from trash and explore innovative and environmentally safe practices, just like real green engineers.

April 2: The Great Outdoors
Get ready to rock out in this tectonically active class! Explore the natural world around you and create beautiful art using materials from outside.

April 3: Extreme Conditions
How do plants and animal survive in the desert? How do people do research in subzero temperatures in the Arctic? Search for answers to these mind-boggling questions and explore the intense world of natural disasters.


Members $50 per day  
Nonmembers $55 per day

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Computer Programming Spring Camps: Modding Minecraft

March 30–April 3, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Grades 4–6

Do you enjoy playing Minecraft? Have you ever wanted to write your own Mod for Minecraft? Join Modding Minecraft Spring Camps and tackle a different Modding Challenge each day! Test out your Mods in the Minecraft Simulator and even run it in your Minecraft at home. Campers will play a card game that will help prompt daily programming challenges. Sign up for one day or multiple days of fun.

March 30: Minecraft Modding Day 1
March 31: Minecraft Modding Day 2

April 1: Minecraft Modding Day 3
April 2: Minecraft Modding Day 4
April 3: Minecraft Modding Day 5


Members $60 per day
Nonmembers $65 per day

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