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Tinkerers' Club

Tinkerers' Club
Tinkerers' Club
Tinkerers' Club
Tinkerers' Club
Tinkerers' Club
Tinkerers' Club
Tinkerers' Club
Tinkerers' Club
Tinkerers' Club
Tinkerers' Club
Tinkerers' Club

Join us for the Tinkerers’ Club every Saturday in the Tinkering Studio! Dream it, create it, and take it home!

Tinkerers are invited to learn new skills and make awesome take-home projects! Open to tinkerers of all ages (with an accompanying adult). From 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Tinkering Studio.


Price per project:

Nonmembers $15 Members $12. Please note online fees may apply.

Please Note: Registered program participants and their families will need to purchase Fleet admission in addition to the Tinkerers' Club activity fee. Registered Tinkerers' Club participants should enter the museum though the main rotunda entrance and arrive at the Tinkering Studio (located on the Science Center's 1st floor next to Cellular Journey) by 10:30 a.m. to enjoy the fun!

Science Center members can always enjoy access to the exhibit galleries with their current membership pass. Members must purchase tickets online or at the ticket counter.

Quantities are limited and may not be available the day of the activity. Sign up early to secure your spot! All applicable online fees apply. No tickets can be bought online the day of the event.

Questions? Call the Fleet at: (619) 238-1233 ext. 806

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All About Space

August 2:

NO TINKERERS’ CLUB. Please join us for Family Science Saturday from 1-3 p.m.

Family Science Saturday: Planetary Projects. Construct your own planet using the Tinkering Studio’s cool collection of materials.

August 9: Rockets—Man!

TINKERERS’ CLUB: Rocket to the Moon! Design a Hydro Pump Rocket, similar to what is used on the space shuttle! This project demonstrates rocket propulsion.        

Family Science Saturday: Stomp Rockets and Straw Rockets. Using simple household items make your own fast—flying space ship. Test it out before you take it home.

August 16: Star Art

TINKERERS’ CLUB: Chemical Skills Lab

Tinkerers will explore chemical reactions and what happens when massive stars explode! Using vinegar, baking soda and paint, tinkerers will create supernova-inspired artwork on canvas.

Family Science Saturday: Star Geometry! Tinkerers will use geometric forms and color to create exploded star-inspired artwork. 

August 23: Living in Space

TINKERERS’ CLUB: Space Farming. What would it be like to farm on the International Space Station? Tinkerers will explore “farming” with unusual materials such as plastic bottles and plastic bags. They will create a habitat for a seedling in the Tinkering Studio, and then take their vegetable home.                 

Family Science Saturday: Create your own Bio-Domes and “Martian Housing” from recycled and biodegradable materials. 

August 30: Red Rover, Red Rover, Explore All Over

TINKERERS’ CLUB: Solar-Powered Vehicles. Make your own solar-powered vehicle and test it out in the San Diego sunshine (weather permitting).

Family Science Saturday: Get up close to the Fleet’s model Lunar Rover and use it for inspiration to create your own space-inspired vehicles from recycled materials.